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Last updated 6th September 2019.

I'd like to tell you what I do with your data. The following info tells you how your personal data is collected and used when you visit and interact with The Stitch Writer website. 

I can promise you that I’m committed to looking after any information you share with me, so I keep things simple to make that as easy as possible to do. I’m interested in working with you, not passing on information I don’t have the right to. I’ve spent a long time understanding my responsibilites around GDPR and in this policy, which applies when you visit my website, you‘ll find information on the data I collect, how I use it and store it and your legal rights. 

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin!

What does ‘data’ mean?

Under the new GDPR law, effective 25th May 2018, ‘data’ means any kind of information that you can be identified by. As far as this site, ‘The Stitch Writer’ goes, data collected includes email addresses, IP addresses and any information that you send via my contact form. The simplest way that I can explain an IP address is that it’s like a post code. It’s the address a computer is using on the internet on a certain network. If you tried really hard, it might be possible to identify someone by it. I will never do this, since I don’t have reason to do so, am not legally permitted and frankly, I’d much rather be writing. This website uses cookies to collect IP addresses and these are not enabled until you give your consent by accepting the box on the cookie banner. 

Similarly, your email address will only ever be used to send you the information that you consented to or to fulfill the job that you contacted me for in relation to our business. This situation would only ever be overridden if required or requested by law. 

Storing data

When you sign up for my email list your address is securely stored inside Mailchimp, an industry leader in email provision, committed to the highest standards of data protection and security. If you want to find out more about how Mailchimp complies with GDPR data protection, you can look here. 

You are free to unsubscribe at any time from the email list, either directly from the email itself or by contacting me at the address below. Otherwise your email address will remain on the list until I no longer run this service or you choose to opt out. I will never use your email address to send you information that is not directly related to the service that I run. 

If we enter into an agreement for copywriting services, your data will be kept only as long as is necessary to fulfill the agreement. 

Third parties and how they process your data

This website uses other providers, who are established industry leaders in their field with their own comprehensive GDPR policies to process data in the following ways -

Mailchimp to process email addresses

To collect and process email addresses. Addresses are only collected when you consent to enter them. They are added to a password-protected list inside Mailchimp and used only to send you information on services, products and content directly related to this business service. 

Squarespace Analytics to collect information about who visits the site

I use analytics to understand how visitors interact with this site and which information is the most interesting to them. The type of information collected by analytics is geography, popular content, traffic sources (i.e. did visitors mostly come from search, or social media or directly to the site) and whether traffic has increased or decreased. I use it to help me provide the most useful content that I can and improve this website on an ongoing basis. This feature collects the IP address you used to browse the site but as outlined above, would not be used to identify you unless specifically requested by law. 


This website uses cookies with your consent when you accept on the cookie banner on your first visit here. When you accept you are giving this site and it’s trusted, relevant third party partners, permission to place, store and access the cookies described below. 

What’s a cookie anyway?

It’s a little file that websites store in a device. When you’ve agreed to have it there, the file gets added and the cookie will do things like helping to analyse traffic, make sure that the site works properly and help websites to remember your preferences so that your experience of browsing is as good as it can be. Cookies in no way give access to your computer or personal information about you, other than what you choose to share. You can decide to accept or decline cookies by modifying settings in your browser. 

How I use cookies

The cookies on this site are used to let you access the key features of it, as well as for analytics purposes to help understand web page traffic and how the website can be improved. 

This website was built on the platform ‘Squarespace’ which gives full details of the way that cookies are used. Read the Squarespace cookie policy here

Contact form

You can get in touch with me by direct email or by the contact form on my website. This website uses a secure SSL connection to collect your data on the form block so that you can enter details securely and then it transmits it to my email service, GSuite, another industry leader with comprehensive policies to comply with GDPR.

Who can use this site?

This site is intended for use by businesses for business and as such, users should be at least 16 years of age.

Your rights by law

At any point you have the right to request any information I hold about you. You also have the right to be forgotten, which means I must delete it and the right to ask me to restrict it or to correct it if it’s not right. If you ask me to do any of these things, I need to do them efficiently and in a way that easily enables you to pass your information to another party. 

Data controller

Name: Martha Moger
Address: The Old Baptist Chapel, 11 Main Street, Huncote, Leicestershire, LE9 3AU.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time, so please check back. If I make changes, I'll let you know so that you are aware of them or you can re-visit this policy at any time by clicking the link at the end of every email I send.