Martha Moger writes freelance copy for creative makers, movers and shakers.

Words and ideas to help your creative business flourish.

From freelance copywriting to creative business mentoring, I’ve got words and ideas to show the world who you are.


how i can help

I write website content, product descriptions, blog posts and email newsletters for some of the most exciting and innovative creative brands around.

I look into what people are really searching for in your niche, uncover the right SEO keywords to get you found, then craft the lot into a seamless piece of copy in your own brand voice.

Focused on your target audience and cutting to the heart of what you stand for, these are words to show the world who you really are - and inspire them to action.

how it works

Get in touch by email or cut straight to the chase by answering these short questions to help me get to know your business. 

We'll discuss what you need, by when and agree a date for the copy together. It's usually around two working weeks and if you want to make tweaks or changes, we'll work together until it's just what you want to say. 

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The Unstuck Sessions

how i can help

The Unstuck Sessions are for women who are trying to build a creative business and have tons of ideas but aren't sure where to start. They’re for people who know they want to get their business moving, but have got stuck somewhere along the way.

The sessions are a chance to be listened to, make plans, talk them through and then get out there and start pulling them off. Too often we feel like we're failing or won't make it, when all we needed in reality was someone to bounce ideas off that actually got where we were coming from.

how it works

The Unstuck Sessions are due to launch in November 2019 and will take place either face to face or on Skype. Limited slots will be available 4 times a year.

You can read more about the Unstuck Sessions and register your interest here.

Brand Story

how i can help

Sometimes you're so close to your work it's hard to keep the main thing the main thing. I can look at copy you've already written then draw out all the important bits to tell the story behind who you are, in words that you could have written yourself. 

If you're starting from scratch that's fine too. I'll get to know your business and your work and make sure we explain things just as they should be. 

how it works

Send me an email or fill out this short form. I'll be back in touch within 24 hours so we can work out exactly what you need and agree a date to finish it by. 

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