Martha Moger writes freelance copy for creative makers, movers and shakers.

Let me spin some plates for your creative business.

If you're strapped for time or struggling to express yourself, I can help get to the heart of who you are and what you want to say. Let me tell the story of what you do by helping you to get found by customers and capture their attention, while you get back to making what you love. 

Product Descriptions

how i can help

You've made a fantastic product. Now bring it to life with descriptions that make it sing to your customers. 

I'll write your product description by researching the best SEO terms, crafting words in your brand voice, then dropping it all in a handy document for you to upload straight away. 

how it works

Get in touch by email or cut straight to the chase and answer these short questions and help me get to know your business. 

We'll discuss what you need, by when and agree a date for the copy together. It's usually around one working week and if you want to make tweaks or changes, we'll work together until it's just how you like. 


Blog posts and social content

how i can help

Let me tell the stories behind your brand, products or business with blog posts that capture customer attention and draw them into your world. Using key terms around your niche, I'll write natural copy in your brand voice to keep your blog fresh and lively.

If you still want to write your own content but are short on ideas then let me work them out for you. I'll look into the most popular posts from your own and you competitors blogs, then come up with 10 ideas, bullet points and key terms for you to use whenever you fancy. 

how it works

Just send me an email here. We'll work out what you need and a date to publish it by. If you want me to upload the content for you, then we can talk about that too. 

I don't charge extra for tweaks and changes, so every post will be just as you want it.


Brand Story

how i can help

Sometimes you're so close to your work it's hard to keep the main thing the main thing. I can look at copy you've already written then draw out all the important bits to tell the story behind who you are, in words that you could have written yourself. 

If you're starting from scratch that's fine too. I'll get to know your business and your work and make sure we explain things just as they should be. 

how it works

Send me an email or fill out this short form. I'll be back in touch within 24 hours so we can work out exactly what you need and agree a date to finish it by.