Mini Mag


Are you fed up of dishing out your email address like it's an empty wrapper, then getting nothing in return?

Me too. 

That's why I send one letter, every month to my email list. And believe me, it's meaty.  Think of it like a mini magazine with lots of juicy bits to give your business a boost.

Packed full of ideas to help communicate your handmade business, tell stories about your brand and unravel the mysteries of SEO (in words you can actually bear to read), this is content you'll always get first before I add it to the blog.  

In fact sometimes I might not add it at all and keep it just for you because quite honestly, I want to see your business thrive. When you sign up for the mini mag, you're giving your consent for me to stay in touch with you by email, send you the content I've mentioned above, as well as details of any new services, products or offers I'm running. You can read all about that here.

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