The Anatomy of a Fantastic Product Description With Folksy


If you’ve ever wondered how to write product descriptions, then today’s post is swooping down out of the sky to help you out.

As an online seller you’re probably more concerned with making and getting sales than wanting to spend time crafting a great product description, but this is really the make or break point for your product. Don’t fall at the final hurdle after spending all that love and care making your thing and getting people in the right place to buy it!

In this video I talk with the lovely Camilla from Folksy as we go through a listing to see how the product description can be improved. There are lessons here whichever platform you sell on. You’ll find out

  • how your products can become the answers to the things people are searching for

  • why keywords are important in your listing overall

  • how to find the best keywords for your product description

  • how to write about ‘why’, not ‘what’

  • the importance of your story and appealing to desire

  • how to work out searcher intent

  • where to use your keywords in product descriptions and listings

  • how to bring everything together

If you’ve got any questions then just send me an email, or if you’d like someone to write product descriptions for you, then I’m your gal.


Martha MogerComment