Small Business SEO Tips for Creatives & Makers: Part 1


If you’re a creative or maker then I’m passionate about you actually getting found online. Why? Because I want the world to see how brilliant you are and get excited about what you do so that you can sell more of it and keep on doing what you love!

It sometimes feels like the world of SEO and getting found is dull, boring and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this first part of small business SEO tips for creatives and makers, I’ll explain how you can start to get people to your site by using the right keywords and working out what searchers are really after.

There’s a video to watch, then underneath I’ve made a list of the major points so that you can start to put things into practice. If you have any questions, then I’d love you to leave me a comment or hop over to Instagram @thestitchwriter and just send me a message : )

Keyword Tip 1 - Starting With Keywords Is Still a Decent Place to Start

In the old days of the internet getting found online was easy because you just stuffed a load of keywords into whatever you wrote. It didn’t even matter if it made sense or not! Google would match the words on your page to the search query someone had entered and bring your page up in the top results. Things just don’t work like that any more.

You can start to find great keywords to use in your product descriptions or web copy with free tools like Ubersuggest. I wrote an in depth post that walks you step by step through that and you can read it here. In 2019 keywords are only a tiny part of the whole SEO picture but they are still a decent place to start.

Don’t go for keywords that have the highest volume because you’ll have to compete for a top spot in Google search page results that’s probably taken by a much bigger, established business. No chance.

Go for keywords that have less search volume but are really specific. For example, if you’re a soap maker, writing about “rose petal handmade soap” might have less people searching for it, but it will bring you very targeted customers rather than just writing about “soap”. Less traffic that is really your target customer and will stick around is much better than a ton of traffic that isn’t really bothered about you and will bounce straight off your site as soon as it arrives. Go for quality over quantity every time.

Keyword Tip 2 - Work Out What People Are Truly Searching For

As search engines become more sophisticated they care more about the true intention behind what someone was looking for. If someone entered “soap”, did they really want to know how to make it, where to buy it, what fragrance is best or how to find a gift set? This is called searcher intent and you can find clues about it on the search results pages Google brings up.

Bang any word into Google, then scroll down to the bottom to see where it says ‘related searches’. Look for common threads or clues as to what people are looking for. Do certain words appear more than others? If so, it makes way more sense to write about what people are already looking for, rather than anything you feel like.

Keyword Tip 3 - You Don’t Always Need to Play by the Rules

Having said all this and trying to get more traffic to the wonderful things you make, remember that you’re only really playing by the rules that search engines set out. They make their algorithms and choose what to show us and sometimes these things go viral, encouraging us to make the same kind of content in the hope that the same will happen.

BUT. I feel like that can actually make us less courageous and creative than we might otherwise be. We’re tempted just to reproduce what others have done, rather than pioneering our own ideas.

I think what I’m saying is that more traffic is fantastic, and we need the right kind of traffic, but take it all with a pinch of salt. You’ll stay fresh and inspiring by sometimes just doing what the heck you like!

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