Spread the Word: Simple Marketing With Webinart UK

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Sometimes I pinch myself because it’s truly hilarious that I would write about simple marketing. I did not even know what this intimidating word ‘marketing’ meant when I started my first side hustle out of a fair-trade women’s co-op over a decade ago. That’s why I have to make it simple!

If you feel constantly overwhelmed by the idea of letting people know about your work and how on earth you go about it, then I hope this webinar I presented as part of Webinart 2019 might help. Webinart is a professional development programme run by Creative Leicestershire to help creative start-ups navigate their way to success and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

In this video I cover

  • a bit of my background and why I had no choice but to get to grips with marketing

  • three marketing myths that might be holding you back

  • inspirational people who show us how knowing ‘why’ we do what we do is so important

  • the power of knowing your customer

  • how to get to know your customer

  • defining a goal and working backwards to get there


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