Small Business SEO Tips for Creatives and Makers Part 2 - Dwell Time


If you’re a creative business or maker then you need a plan to get found online. Maybe you’re conquering social media or you’re outstanding in your local area. Or maybe you could start to use beginner SEO as part of the mix? Believe me, if I can start to put it into practice then you can too. In fact, we can do it together.

Today’s video talks about ‘dwell time’. It’s a fancy SEO-type way of talking about how long people stay on your site once they arrive there. We talked about how to get them there in the first place in part 1 and now we’re going to think about how to keep them, because the longer someone is staying on your page, reading your content and exploring your products, the better quality search engines will see your website as. And quality equals a boost in how important search engines see your site, making it easier to rank higher up in search queries.

Here we go - all the main points are below the video too. If you’ve got any questions or anything you’d like to say, just send me an email here.


A great way to get people to stick around on your site once they arrive is to use video. People are consuming video for breakfast, dinner and tea and it doesn’t have to be that hard to do. Here are some ideas of what you could make a video about as a creative business….

  • Give us a little tour of your workspace

  • Show us your product being made

  • Show us your product in action

  • Tell us about your sketchbooks or where your ideas come from

  • Think about the questions people ask about your product or the objections they have to buying it. Try to make a video that answers those questions and queries.

We asked our friends at Colab Creation for some beginner tips on how to make a video on your iPhone and here’s what they said.

  • You don’t need lots of fancy kit. You can do a lot with your iPhone and an inexpensive tripod.

  • Make audio quality your main priority over fancy graphics for your video. Invest in a mic but again, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Be very clear on the message you want to bring across to your audience and what you want your video to achieve.

  • Bring plenty of energy to your video and just be yourself - after all, who else can do that?!

Have you thought about writing a tutorial for your product to keep people’s attention for longer? I don’t mean just any old tutorial, but something AMAZING, step by step, completely unique and original content with all the photos and details someone would need to make an item in your niche?

If you make wall hangings with cross stitch you might show someone step by step how to cut the fabric, select the thread, do the stitches and take beautiful photos every step of the way.

And here’s something else….

I don’t mention this in the video, but I’ve found that when you share your true thoughts and feelings, people are really receptive to honesty. Try writing a post that’s long (1500 words) which shares a recent triumph or failure and exactly what you learnt from it.

Got any questions or ideas? Get in touch on Instagram @thestitchwriter where you can follow the rest of this SEO series for makers and creatives.

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