Small Business SEO Tips for Creatives and Makers: Part 3 - Backlinks

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We’ve already talked keywords and dwell time, so in part 3 of this small business SEO tips series I’m talking about backlinks.

Backlinks basically means the link that you get when another website links back to your website. They’re an important part of your SEO jigsaw puzzle because when search engines see quality websites in your niche linking back to you, they rate your site as higher quality as well. It’s a huge factor in determining how far up you’ll appear in search engine results.

The question is, of course, how can product-based brands and creative businesses get sites with authority to link back to them? That’s what this video is all about - main takeaways below!

Quality Backlinks Matter

Here’s the thing. A hundred people with websites or blogs that have very little influence or authority linking back to you is not really the kind of backlink you’re after. Backlinks from sites that are not at all related to what you do aren’t great either.

When it comes to backlinks it’s better to have less from high quality, authoritative sites in your niche, rather than a ton of poor quality. In fact, lots of poor quality backlinks could have the opposite effect, bumping you down search results, from the result that you want.

Similarly, the same person linking back to you lots and lots of times, even if that’s from a really high quality site, could also have a detrimental effect.

In an ideal world you’re looking for lots of backlinks, all from different, high quality, related sources.

2. So How Do I Get Quality Backlinks?

Of course, this is the big question. If you’re a product based brand or business and you’re looking to build authority and come higher up in search engine results, how can you get people to link back to you?

Here are some ideas -

  • Write a craft tutorial for a much bigger blog in your niche. I mean write it, up front, with EVERYTHING. The photos, the words, the finished article and send it over to them. Make sure you’ve done your research first and that they accept guest tutorials and your work fits.

    If that’s a yes, then ask them to publish it (free, quality content for them!) and make sure that there’s a link back to your site in the body of the copy, NOT in your author bio. Links from author bios are ‘no-follow’, which basically means that Google ignores them.

  • Send your product to an influencer in your niche. You can’t specifically ask them to link to you (that’s breaking the law on the internet), but if they like your product they’re almost certain to review it. And link back to you : ) It might be a good idea to get to know them or approach them on social media first, but if you make a successful relationship this can be a brilliant way to get backlinks as well as exposure for your brand.

  • Work with a PR agency in your niche. They’re getting products and businesses placed in national newspapers and magazines every day. If that happens online too, then those are all backlinks for you.

  • Do you use a certain type of equipment or a certain material for your business? Do you think it’s absolutely brilliant? Consider writing a quick testimonial for the supplier to publish online and when they do, perhaps they’d like to link back to you.

Which one of these do you think would work best for you? Any questions then just send me an email or get in touch on Instagram.

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