An Email Newsletter Service To Drive Traffic and Save Time


When it comes to telling the world about your business, social media fads seem to come and go like nobody’s business. But if you’ve heard what I’ve heard, an email newsletter is still a great idea. 

Marketing peeps in the know right now all say the same thing - that an email newsletter is unrivalled in terms of building trust. And if people trust you, they’re a gazillion times more likely to buy what you have to sell. 

Email newsletters will connect you to customers, allow you to bring them tailored offers directly, drive traffic to your site, increase social follows and bring you direct sales.

Here’s a big email newsletter idea. 

You might have heard me whooping on last month about a big 1st birthday here at The Stitch Writer and to celebrate this little milestone I'm launching a brand new service. 

An email newsletter service.

Designed with creative businesses in mind, I want to take the things that weigh you down (because you know you should be doing them and you aren’t) and sort them out on your behalf. 

Email newsletters included.  

 So what’s the plan?

Writing and sending interesting emails to your customers takes time. And I know you’ve got stuff to make.  

If you’re a creative business owner, finding new customers, let alone keeping in touch with the ones you already have, can seem impossible. When you’re in the time-consuming business of making things, that’s never been more true. 

Still, as luck would have it, writing email newsletters and blog posts is one of my favourite things. If you cut me down the middle like a stick of rock, you’ll find a little champion of creative business leaping about inside of me. I love creativity and I want you to do well.

That’s why I’m offering this brand new service called ‘blog post to email newsletter’. 

What is ‘blog post to email newsletter?’

‘Blog post to email newsletter’ is a great way for you to keep in touch with customers, grow your business and get more time to do the work you love.

Now I don’t write blog posts on whatever people ask me to. I write blog posts that are well researched and contain sparkly, magic keywords that your target audience are actually typing into Google. 

I write in a tone of voice that’s right for your brand and audience and if I need to, I might even  stalk your Instagram account to make sure I get it right.

Weekly, monthly or quarterly, it doesn’t matter. Once I’ve written your blog post, I design an email in Mailchimp with your logo, add all or part of your blog post to drive traffic back to your site, then schedule it on your behalf to send out to your list.

Done and dusted. And all the time, you were getting on with the making. 

So here’s what you need to know…

Blog posts include

  • A title to draw readers in 

  • Well-researched ideas based on your customer’s interests

  • SEO optimised content, based on keyword research

  • Perfect spelling and grammar

  • The right tone of voice for your brand and audience

  • Posts of 500, 750 or 1000 words

  • Written as often or little as you choose

  • Monthly payments to spread the cost 

  • Price starts at £55 per post


Blog post to email 

  • Everything above plus…

  • Email template designed in Mailchimp with your logo

  • Blog post and / or other content uploaded

  • Testing your Maichimp campaign

  • Scheduling of your Mailchimp campaign

  • Price starts at £89 per post and email

Of course, I don’t write for free. 

But I’m also a champion of small and mighty businesses who make fantastic, creative things and I want us both to win.

Prices for blog posts start at £55 for 500 words and for blog post to email, £89. A quick Google of copywriting rates will tell you that's seriously competitive. 

So what next?

Well, you could just carry on doing it all yourself, let your marketing and email list slide and get yourself in a jumble about how to sell more. 

Or you could get in touch by email, let me know what you need, and I’ll help you out. All you need is a Mailchimp account to get started, then just get in touch here.

Writing for a business like yours is my idea of a great day’s work and I won’t let you walk away until you're completely happy with what I write.  So why don’t you get back to making what you love in the knowledge that your email campaigns are taken care of once and for all.  

Let’s take your email newsletter - and make it work.

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