Beyond Your Listing to Brand Development With Folksy


The first product listing review with Folksy seemed to go down pretty well so… we made another one!

This review is quite different to the first in that we get into the realms of brand development, the featured item being a lovely hand-knitted cushion by Helen Stuart of Knitted Up North.

Although the colours and craftsmanship were beautiful we quickly saw that the photos, styling and words weren’t working together to do the cushion the justice it deserved. Naturally we set out to put things right : )

In this episode I talk with Camilla about

  • identifying opportunity in a crowded craft market (like knitting)

  • working backwards to discover what shoppers really want

  • how to use what you find in titles, tags and descriptions

  • the power of tapping into trends

  • why great product photography wins the day

  • how to bring words and visuals together to create a feeling of ‘brand’

  • the “one thing” your product does that customers will aspire to and connect with

I hope you enjoy the video or read the full post here. If you have any questions you can find me hanging about on Instagram or send me an email.