Seven values I write and work by.

Welcome to ‘The Stitch Writer Seven’. These are the seven values that guide what I do, how I work and how I write. You can read about them in-depth here.


    Never stop learning. Learning things is an adventure. So never become someone who thinks they’ve got nothing to learn and never believe you’re too old to start.


    Do it the way you believe in, not the way that everyone else does it.


    Work in the way that suits you and let other people do the same. Work for maximum genius, not maximum hours spent.

  4. rest

    Without rest, there is no good work. Find a way to rest, do it and enjoy it.

  5. delegation

    You can’t be the best at everything. Get the people who are really good at the things you can’t do and let them be amazing.

  6. inspiration

    Take time out to be inspired, to go out and meet people and try new things. When you feel inspired, everything else is easy.

  7. quality

    Look outwards to what other people need, then serve them better than they expect, every single time.